Ricardo Medina

Born in Mexico City on April 15, 1960 Adventurous, fearless and self-reliant spirit; he always had a fascination towards the native people of the US, as well as the ancient cultures of the world. During his youth he studied painting, engraving and lithography at the Art Academy of San Carlos and at "La Esmeralda", Mexico City's Art School. It was during this time that he began to travel around his country selling his drawings as a means of income.

In 1985, without any prior knowledge of leather craftsmanship, except for elementary instructions of cutting and perforating to sew, he made his own interpretation of an Apache shoe. Completely self-taught, he used his own foot for drawing and creating the shoe mold. After several attempts he attained the desired object: the Apache Moccasin.
The designer of this collection was born. Creating one by one their molds, by trial and error; perfecting each model and size for men, women, and children. Forging everything by his own hand.

In his obsession with knowing the country and accompanied by his adventurous spirit, Ricardo travelled throughout Mexico. The pre-Hispanic influence came from his journeys through Mexico; later a Mediterranean influence would come from his journeys through Northern Europe and Asia, most especially India.

Since their beginning, Ricardo Medina’s shoe designs suit the fashion taste of the world; reaching customers in Japan, Australia, England, Venice Beach, San Francisco, and New York. Ricardo has also participated in the Fashion Week in Mexico City, in collaboration with designer León Felipe.

The road has not been easy. Ricardo works hard throughout the process of shoemaking at the workshop, while having to understand the development of technology in today’s world at the same time.

Team- Ricardo Medina Shoes